Laura Loomer Is In Florida To Help Infowars Sow Disinformation About Another Mass Shooting

Laura Loomer details her plans to travel to Florida after a mass shooting in a video uploaded to Periscope. (Screenshot /

Infowars-affiliated “investigative journalist” Laura Loomer has traveled to the site of last week’s mass shooting at a Florida high school, apparently trying to recreate her disinformation and conspiracy theory-filled “coverage” of the aftermath of the mass shooting in Las Vegas last year.

Loomer has been increasingly desperate for validation from her conservative media counterparts after her anti-Muslim Twitter meltdown and her effort to portray the FBI’s investigation into the Las Vegas mass shooting as a government cover-up caused some to distance themselves. So last week, when Infowars rolled out a combination of conspiracy theories about the Florida shooting, claiming that globalists ordered the shooting to cover up the FISA memo and insisting that the shooting was the “perfect false flag,” it provided an opportunity for Loomer to once again appear on the scene of a mass shooting and pull her signature stunt of harassing public officials with conspiracy theory nonsense.

On Saturday, Loomer landed in Florida and quickly got to work on behalf of Infowars, an outlet that holds to this day that the Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax. In a video uploaded yesterday for Infowars, Loomer shouted down Democratic Congressman Tom Deutch. On camera, Deutch told Loomer if she had “any respect for the human lives that were lost in my district” that she “wouldn’t come here” and that he would “never give an interview” to Infowars.

Loomer, who also worked with Infowars while she was in Las Vegas, bombarded Deutch with questions about why he thought the “40 percent” of Americans who she claimed read Infowars are “absolute garbage” and asked him, “Why are you lying to your constituents about gun control?” She went on to assert that the shooting was a result of FBI incompetence rather than laws that enabled the teen to acquire the rifle he used to kill 17 people.

Loomer’s desperation to inject herself as a “reporter” in Florida is also evident in a blog post on her newly unveiled website, which features screenshots of her Twitter stats, a tab called “Winter Specials” that appears to link to nothing, and posts of exclusive stories with the tagline “get illuminated.” One “exclusive” that Loomer features is a story about a single, random Facebook user who wrote something about “shooting up an NRA meeting” in the aftermath of the Florida shooting. The user Loomer targets for her “exclusive” report is an aspiring actress with no inherent news value related to the Florida shooting besides the alleged fact that she is a “Florida native.”