Laura Ingraham’s Lifezette Scrubs Clinton Murder Video

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer kicked off a press briefing today by calling a reporter from Lifezette, the conservative outlet led by radio host Laura Ingraham.

As Media Matters pointed out, Lifezette only a few months ago posted a video starring Augusta Cassada, who now works at the Heritage Foundation, suggesting that Bill and Hillary Clinton murdered several people whom they feared would hinder their political ambitions.

It seems that the video, which was based on completely discredited claims, has been scrubbed from Lifezette’s website and Facebook page, but it can still be found online, with its ominous music and absurd just-asking-the-question conspiracy theorizing:

A separate Lifezette article titled “10 People Under the Clinton Curse,” which claimed that it was “hard to deny that being close with the Clintons could kill you,” has also disappeared, although it is still available via Google cache.

Ingraham, coincidentally, has been angling for a White House position and may run for U.S. Senate in Virginia.