Conspiracy Theorist And Make-Believe Journalist Laura Loomer Says She’ll Appear On Fox News Tonight

Laura Loomer, a conservative political activist and cosplay journalist at The Rebel, said yesterday that she will appear on Fox News tonight to speak about her latest disruption of a Hillary Clinton book-signing event. If Loomer is indeed going on Fox tonight, it would be the latest example of the conservative network elevating the profiles of conspiracy theorists and those associated with the white supremacist Alt-Right.

During yesterday’s broadcast of “The Alex Jones Show” on Infowars, Jones asked Loomer to recount the 24-hour period since she released a video showing her ambushing Clinton at a book-signing in New York City and demanding that Clinton respond to various debunked conspiracy theories, including those surrounding the unsolved murder of a former DNC staffer.

“I’m so sorry you believe things that are untrue,” Clinton told Loomer before she was removed by security. On her way out, Loomer shouted at Clinton aide Huma Abedin to answer when she would divorce her husband Anthony Weiner, who pled guilty to sending sexually explicit messages to an underage girl.

“The video has been placed all over the internet and has received millions of views, so a lot of people are responding and people are talking about it,” Loomer told Jones. “Even Fox News is going to have me on tomorrow to discuss it.”

Jones then handed the interview over to right-wing media troll Jack Posobiec, who helped Loomer disrupt a Shakespeare play in New York last June. The disruption stunt got Loomer arrested but earned her widespread media attention and an appearance on Fox News with host Sean Hannity.

Loomer’s strategy follows an often repeated a formula she learned while working as an undercover operative at Project Veritas during the 2016 election. She has attempted to make headlines by ambushing CNN host Chris Cuomo outside of CNN, asking Chelsea Clinton to sign a book for a woman who accused her father of rape, and attempting to provoke New York residents by placing a burqa on the “Fearless Girl” statue.

Loomer has numerous ties to groups affiliated with the white supremacist Alt-Right movement. A member of Gavin McInnes’ Alt-Right “Proud Boys” organization, a fight-squad at Alt-Right-friendly events, served as Loomer’s personal security detail at her Shakespeare publicity stunt. The Rebel, which currently employs Loomer and formerly employed McInnes, has been described by Vice as an “international platform for far-right and Alt-Right figures.”

Despite proclaiming to be a citizen journalist, Loomer is merely a right-wing activist who aims to garner attention with media appearances and earn money through crowd funding. Salon reported that Loomer had created a website to solicit donations for her “legal defense fund fees” hours before she stormed the stage in New York. Loomer has likewise used her latest stunt to attempt to book appearances all across the right-wing media.

Later in her interview with Infowars, Loomer urged viewers to “confront these people” like she had, referring to elected officials and prominent journalists.

“It’s easy to find these people, believe me. It’s not as hard as you think it may be,” Loomer said. “The alternative media will promote your videos and will push this message out there.”

“We are the new media now and we have the power to get our message across to Trump,” Loomer said.