Laura Loomer Goes Ballistic In Anti-Muslim Twitter Meltdown


Laura Loomer, a right-wing activist known for her “journalism” practice of harassing politicians and actual journalists, took to Twitter after news broke of a terror attack in New York City to unveil her deep disdain for all Muslim people.

Yesterday, in the wake of a terror attack that killed eight people in Manhattan, Loomer took to Twitter and Periscope to continue her shtick of harassing actual news reporters and espousing conspiracy theories about breaking news events. Her typical routine took a dark twist, however, when investigators revealed the suspected attacker was a domestically radicalized Muslim associated with ISIS.

When information about the attacker’s identity was publicized, Loomer launched into a full-out Muslim-bashing meltdown that only grew more intense with the passage of time.

Loomer began by identifying herself as a “Proud Islamophobe” and labeling Muslims “savages” who “ruin everything”:

She later stated that “Islam is cancer” and “we should never let another Muslim into the civilized world”:

Loomer then declared there is “no such thing as a moderate Muslim. They’re ALL the same”:

Loomer later lashed out at The New York Times for sending a hijab-wearing reporter to cover the attack:

Loomer claimed that Muslims “deserve” anti-Muslim sentiments in the wake of the attack, urging people to “bring it on”:

When news reports revealed that the attacker worked as a driver for Uber, Loomer suggested making a Muslim-free alternative to the ride-sharing service so she never has to “support another Islamic immigrant driver”:

Loomer then revealed that she generally tries “not support Muslim owned businesses companies” in New York and complained that immigration policies make that mission difficult:

Despite her far-out tactics and transparently bigoted views, many right-wing outlets such as Fox News, Infowars, Wayne Allyn Root and Mike Cernovich continue to host Loomer as a reputable journalist.