Larry Klayman Calls For Beefed Up Security For Neil Gorsuch Since Antonin Scalia ‘Was Deceased In A Very Mysterious Way’

Right-wing attorney Larry Klayman uploaded a video to his YouTube channel yesterday calling on the U.S. Marshal Service to beef up its protection of newly sworn-in Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch because the justice who previously held that seat, Antonin Scalia, “was deceased in a very mysterious way.”

Klayman claimed that since Scalia “mysteriously was found dead in his hotel room with a pillow over his head,” which was “very opportune” for former President Obama, the Marshal Service must now “protect Neil Gorsuch very carefully,” especially since “there is so much hatred being whipped up against President Trump” by the left.

Gorsuch “is at risk and they would love to see him gone,” Klayman warned. “I’m very much worried not just about Justice Garland [sic] but the other four conservative justices on that court. The left will stop at no means and we’ve seen violence in the streets … [from] Black Lives Matter, whose supporters were knocking off and killing at least one cop a day until President Trump became president.”

Klayman said that it was “ironic and sad” that Scalia had “called off” his Marshal Service protection right before he died, so “now there must be vigilance” in protecting Gorsuch.

“Some people have said I’m the modern-day Batman,” Klayman bragged in closing out his video, conveniently ignoring that he is the one who gave himself that title.