Lance Wallnau: White House Chaos Is Actually ‘The Rapid Decision Making Of A General In The Field’

During the “Truth and Liberty Coalition” livestream program earlier this week, right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau insisted that what outsiders may see as chaos in the Trump administration is actually entirely intentional on the part of President Trump, who, like General Patton during World War II, is using the appearance of chaos to systematically defeat his enemies.

Co-host Paul Milligan said that America needed a “chaos president” because “it was impossible to bring about the kind of change that was necessary in our government and in this nation without creating chaos,” therefore all the chaos that we are seeing should give Christians hope because “God is more interested in what happens to this nation than Donald Trump is.”

“It’s not chaos,” replied Wallnau, asserting that Trump’s ability to “shake things up” has allowed him to “reach around the system” and get “into the head space of Kim Jong [Un] in North Korea, who basically said, ‘I can work with this guy, I think this is a person I can actually work with.'”

Trump is displaying “the rapid decision making of a general in the field,” Wallnau said. “You know, Patton won his victories because he was on the offense constantly. It may have looked like chaos if you were a German, but from the American side, it was movement, movement, movement, movement, taking ground. That is exactly the kind of CEO Trump is.”