Lance Wallnau Sees ‘Something Demonic’ Behind National Anthem Protests

Last night, right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau streamed a rather rambling video on Periscope in which he linked the issues of immigration, climate change and athletes kneeling during the national anthem to satanic plans to create a one-world government in which Christians are persecuted like Jews in Nazi Germany.

“The whole thing about the issue of taking the knee in sports,” he said, “understand what really is the warfare there is a spirit of globalism which is saying that no nation is worth bowing for, no nation is worth respecting, no flag is worth dying for. Satan wants to eradicate the nation state so that he can create a union of nations—that’s what the immigration thing is all about; by the way, I just realized, that’s what the climate accord is all about. I always thought there was something demonic and suspicious about these things. Now I get it.”

Wallnau said that the left’s goal is to create a new world Antichrist system in which all nations are dissolved, which is why they are at war with President Trump, who is “a nation-state patriot.”

The left, he warned, dreams of seeing the world turned into “one gigantic bureaucratic machine, assimilated by the United Nations, run by European bureaucrats, controlled by a one-world economy and eventually isolating Christians out of that community and making you the Jews in national socialist Germany.”

“That’s what’s coming” Wallnau said. “That is what the left is creating.”