Lance Wallnau Says God Didn’t Perform The Miracle Of Electing Trump Only To See Him Impeached

On Friday, Donald Trumploving right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau posted a video on his Facebook page declaring that Trump will never be impeached because there is no way that God performed the miracle of getting him elected only to see him removed from office.

“People are crazy in this country,” Wallnau said. “They’re going to try to impeach Donald Trump and I even predicted that; the effort’s going to begin from day one, from the pink hats to the foil hats to the crazy Berkeley activity … This man didn’t have a miracle getting him into office only to have him removed by what’s happening right now, so the quick word for you is he’s not going to be going anywhere.”

Declaring that Trump is a “Cyrus under siege,” Wallnau passionately clapped his hands and prayed that God will “break the heads of Leviathan over media and political intrigue, that you’ll drain the swamp and that you’ll hit the establishment Republicans that are working to sabotage the president.”

After complaining that Republicans in Congress are afraid to associate themselves with Trump for fear of losing re-election, Wallnau urged conservative Christians to “get off your butt” and call their members of Congress to voice support for Trump.