Lance Wallnau: Liberals Use Witchcraft Against Conservatives

Lance Wallnau appeared on “The Jim Bakker Show” yesterday to promote his theory that Donald Trump is the candidate that God is using to destroy the demonic stranglehold over America.

Wallnau said that while he is “not a big conspiracy theorist buff,” he does believe there is an organized effort among wealthy “leftist progressives” like George Soros who are using “a web” of groups to gain complete political power and hit “hard against conservatives and Christians.”

“They are all independent organizations coordinated by one group of people like us who handle the money,” he said. “So they’ll show up where there’s race issues—boom, and make them inflammatory. They’ll show up where there’s a campus issue—boom, and make it inflammatory. Then the media machine kicks in, Media Matters, which is run by one of their organizations, and they come in and they get it into the social media channels so it’s in Facebook and everything. And you would think all of America’s ablaze. It’s a handful of funded, executed strategists with entities called 527s that are discipling America.”

These liberal organizations, Wallnau continued, are actually conducting witchcraft to confuse their opponents:

The web literally is coming down on America. And what’s sad is, how many Christians feel this fog on their head at times? Do you feel that? It’s almost like everything’s going wrong. We don’t realize it’s a remnant operating strategically through organizations that are intent on shifting the American culture and discipling the country. And that fog that’s on Christians is the collective witchcraft that comes over the Body of Christ because there’s spirits being authorized to be released.

Wherever there’s agreement, there’s power. The more unbelievers agree with the narrative that they’re hearing, the more power and authorization Satan has to manifest. So unless the church has an exposure of what the enemy’s doing and begins to agree together with a counter-strategy, we’re going to deal with more and more fog. And the worst part is—we don’t have to surrender nations to the devil.