Lance Wallnau: Donald Trump Decided To Run After God Spoke To Melania

Today on “The Jim Bakker Show,” Religious Right activist Lance Wallnau described how Donald Trump reached his decision to run for president.

Wallnau hailed Trump as “another Cyrus,” a reference to the Persian king who liberated the Jews from captivity in Babylon, and “a committed man and husband, a dedicated father,” and said he personally asked Trump what motivated him to run:

He said, “Well, I wanted to be president.” He said, “I really did, but my wife told me I was too brash and too bright, that America wouldn’t put up with me.” He said, “You know what, I listened to her.” And then she was watching the burning down of Baltimore, she was watching the riots on television and she got a word—sometimes God speaks to you and you don’t have to be a Christian for God to talk to you; God spoke to Pilate’s wife and said, “Be careful what you do with this man”—and she said, “Donald, if you run now, you’ll become president.”

And he was eating dinner and he said, “What? Wait a second.” He put the thing on mute. He said, “What did you just say?” She said, “Now.” Because he was debating on signing on for “The Apprentice” for another season. And she said, “If you run now, you will be president.” He said, “Why? What’s changed? You said I’m too brash.” She said, “No, no, no. They’ve changed. America’s changed. They’re ready for you now. They’ll push past the packaging. They’ll get your heart. They’ll hear you.” That was the moment he said to call Michael Cohen. He said, “Cancel ‘The Apprentice,’ I’m filing for presidency.” And he decided to run. It was his wife—his wife that pushed him over the edge.

Bakker, for his part, praised the Trump family’s “fairytale-type life” as the screen mistakenly labeled Trump’s Chicago hotel as Trump Tower, and lamented the “nitpicking” about Trump’s life taking place in “church circles.”

After comparing Trump to King Cyrus, Wallnau also compared Trump to Winston Churchill and his struggle to defeat Nazism.