Lance Wallnau: Liberals Are Waging Spiritual ‘Jihad’ Against Christians Because ‘The Left Is Crazy’

Yesterday, right-wing pastor Lance Wallnau streamed a video on Periscope in which he declared that Democrats are waging “spiritual warfare” against Christians in America because “the left is crazy” and miserable.

“I’m telling you, Democrats hate us and Republicans and Christians better wake up because there’s spiritual warfare going on and it’s primarily coming from the left and it’s coming from a spirit that is manifesting there,” he said. “The left is crazy.”

“Remember this,” he continued, “liberals are miserables. You’ll never see a happy liberal. Liberals are always protesting something. They are the essence of discontent; never happy and politicize everything. Two things about liberals that I’ve observed that I never knew before is that the more liberal you are, the more miserable you are and the more liberal you are, the more you politicize everything, from a football game to a Thanksgiving meal to an Academy Award. Because liberalism in its most extreme form is a religion, it’s a fanaticism, it’s like a jihad.”