Lance Wallnau Issues ‘Warfare Prayer’ Calling On God to ‘Turn Upon’ Those Who Dishonor Trump

Donald Trumploving right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau posted a video on his Facebook page last night, ahead of the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing with former FBI director James Comey, calling for conservative Christians to go on the offensive and engage in “warfare prayer” against President Trump’s enemies.

“I thank you, Lord, that right now you’re frustrating the predictions of diviners, you’re driving them crazy because Trump keeps eluding the net,” Wallnau passionately prayed. “And I pray, even as you dealt with Bill Maher and you dealt with Kathy Griffin and you dealt with Stephen Colbert, I pray that the pit that they dug, they fall into themselves.”

“I pray that the words they have spoken even turn back upon them,” he continued, “and that you will cause everyone who dishonors the office of the president, who disrespects the authority of this government, who mocks the president—who is, in effect, mocking you, Lord—I pray now that you are going to turn upon those that are ministering a spirit of strife and contention and dishonor and disrespect and sowing rebellion and witchcraft in the nation, I pray that you cast them out of their position!”

“Those people that are falsely prophesying impeachment, falsely prophesying the destruction of this administration, it’s time this stopped!” Wallnau ranted. “Deliver us from evil.”

Wallnau said that this “warfare prayer” must spread across the nation because “when you’re nervous and worried about the president of America, go on the offense. Just don’t pray for peace; kick that demon! Bam!”