Lance Wallnau Slams Evangelicals Who Aren’t Sticking With ‘God’s Chaos Candidate’ Donald Trump

Just in time for the spectacular meltdown, or should we say unraveling, of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, Religious Right activist Lance Wallnau is out with his new book, “God’s Chaos Candidate: Donald J. Trump and the American Unraveling.”

Wallnau, a major proponent of Seven Mountains dominionism, has been boosting Trump since last year, and his book is a bit of a rehash of stories he has been telling publicly in recent months, like the time God told him that “Donald Trump is a wrecking ball to the spirit of political correctness” and the time God showed him that He will use Trump the way He used the biblical King Cyrus.

Followers of Seven Mountains ideology believe that the right kind of Christians must take dominion over the major “mountains,” or spheres of influence, in culture which are now controlled by Satan—religion, family, government, business, media, education and entertainment. Wallnau thinks Trump is the “wrecking ball” that will dethrone Satan from the mountain of government.

“I believe,” writes Wallnau, “Trump is the chaos candidate who has been set apart by God to navigate us through the chaos coming to America.”

Wallnau also refers to another biblical leader, King David, in saying that Trump’s character flaws won’t keep God from using him. In fact, Wallnau suggests, those flaws provide an opportunity to show the world God’s power, when a powerful self-made man “enters the arena, and through the pressure of circumstance becomes the God-shaped man God enables to do what he could never do in his own strength.” Asks Wallnau, “What if God is reshaping Donald Trump on the potter’s wheel from a strong-willed, self-made man to a humbler yet enduring prophetic prototype for America?”

Wallnau writes that the U.S. is at a time of its fourth crucible, the previous ones being the American Revolution, the Civil War and the Great Depression/World War II. “The church cannot remain silent as the godless force of progressive liberalism transforms our communities, and our nation,” he writes. He says the Great Commission from Jesus to “go into all the world” is no longer simply geographic. “We must go into all the ‘systems’ of this world— the seven mountains or seven mind molders of culture. We must become a ‘7m™’ movement.”

America has a special divine purpose “to be a blessing to the nations of the earth,” says Wallnau:

Suffice it to say, America plays a huge role in the world as a force for freedom and the preaching of the Gospel. So much so that Satan considers taking this nation down to be his number one priority. With us removed, hell can advance against the church globally. Weaker democracies will falter. A new era of “strongman” populism will start emerging. The United States has held the door of democracy open. Satan intends to shut it. By now I hope you can see that this is far beyond a battle of politics. It’s not a matter of party versus party, Republican against Democrat. We are up against a malevolent and demonic agenda aimed to destroy the global force for kingdom expansion that is America. Our failure to take seriously the discipling of nations is the failure of the modern church. The coming storm will change that. Innovation and leadership is about to emerge in a global movement of believers.

… The ultimate problem is the way the church defines itself. The church is Christ’s ecclesia—His government on the earth. The Left advanced and took over spheres of influence that Christian morality once held. For a long time there was a balance. We have lost the common moral ground from which differences can be resolved.

Wallnau streamed a Periscope promo for his book at the end of last week, in which he slammed Christians who are critical of Trump, who he said “is a wrecking ball to the spirit of political correctness, and I’m telling you he is now wrecking into the church mountain.”

…so Trump’s actually given his life to the Lord in the last year, is in a position to put conservatives on the Supreme Court, is prepared to challenge the insider establishment, and now Christians, Christians, leaders, are coming against him. It’s like a moronic assault—moronic in the Greek sense of the word which is used by Paul, moronos—I can’t understand. Do Christians actually think that electing progressives who hate the basket of deplorables evangelicals, do they think that by making a righteous stand on Trump, who sinned 10 years ago, that they’re actually advancing the Kingdom? How stupid can you get?

Wallnau insisted that with someone other than Trump in the White House:

I tell you what’s gonna happen. You, my fellow basket of deplorables, are going to start to become targeted. Because in politics it’s all about destroying your opposition. There’s no working together. It’s about destroy the opposition. So they’re going to come after us. They’re gonna come after evangelicals. They’re gonna come after Christians. They’re gonna come after shutting down your business.

Wallnau said that President Obama “has no intention of stepping down” from his public platform and will seek to be “president of the United Nations.” Wallnau repeatedly urged viewers to read his book and he asked them to pray for “an open door onto Hannity” to talk about it.

Charisma publisher Steve Strang promoted Wallnau’s book in a post last Friday in which he wrote that Wallnau is “on fire and on target with his insights on the culture and this election.” Wallnau’s story about God raising up Trump like King Cyrus is on the cover of Charisma’s October issue.