Former Trump Campaign Adviser Says God Warned Him About Bugging Of The White House

Frank Amedia, an Ohio-based pastor who served as “Christian policy liaison” to the Trump campaign last year, declared at a POTUS Shield gathering he hosted last week that God had told him in dreams about an intelligence agent bugging the White House, and that he had been able to pass that information to the White House through Mike Pence. POTUS Shield was launched immediately after Trump’s election victory by Amedia and a group of other Trump-supporting “prophets” and “apostles.”

During the gathering’s opening session on Thursday night, Amedia said that some of the things he would reveal were so sensitive that he’d have to turn off the cameras. He did so twice, once after suggesting he was going to talk about how POTUS Shield is involved in intercessory prayer for the first family, which POTUS Shield believes is under a global witchcraft attack.

But this story, Amedia said, he could tell publicly:

Two weeks before the inauguration, the Lord showed me the vision three times of bugging. I saw the vision of a ghost-like figure running around the White House and putting pins in things. It came three nights in a row at three o’clock in the morning. I said, ‘What is it?’ He said, ‘They’re bugs.’ I said, ‘Bugs?’ ‘Yes.’

The second night, I looked into the face of the person that was putting them, and they were faceless. He said, ‘It’s a ghost’—which is an acronym, as you well know, for a certain intelligence agency. And the third night when I saw it he then showed me the sweeping of three times. And he said, ‘Tell them to sweep it three times. The first time won’t do it. The second time won’t do it. The third time, what’s in the darkness will come to light.’

We were able to speak it into one of the highest authorities in the land. And then the truth began to come out, didn’t it? It’s not all out yet; there’s still more coming.

Amedia returned to the story during the gathering’s closing session on Saturday, citing it as an example of the inside information people could get access to by becoming members of POTUS Shield:

The bugging that was discovered, this was revealed through POTUS Shield two weeks before the inauguration. And the Vice President was made aware of it. And then one week after the inauguration, the president’s office received it along with the CIA, and they’ve received two of them. There’s a third one yet that needs to be discovered and uncovered. This was on POTUS Shield before it happened.