Lance Wallnau: God Is Using ‘The Wrecking Ball Of Heaven’ To Take Down Trump’s Critics

Right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau appeared on Jim Bakker’s television program yesterday, where he declared that God is taking down anyone who dares to criticize President Trump and predicted that Trump will find God amid the endless persecution that he is supposedly facing.

Bakker kicked things off by insisting that Trump is being falsely prosecuted by the government, which he said was exactly what happened to him when he was sent to prison for fraud in the 1980s.

“What Trump is going through is exactly what happened to me,” Bakker said, insisting that the government kept him in prison for years despite the fact that he was not guilty. “When the government wants to get somebody, they get them … You can’t just do that to a president, but we’re letting it happen.”

Wallnau then weighed in to assure Bakker that there will be no “blue wave” during the midterm elections because God is using “the wrecking ball of heaven” to take out anyone who attacks Trump.

“If you touch God’s anointed, then you open yourself up to equal treatment,” Wallnau said, asserting that Hollywood, the media, and the legal communities are all facing various scandals as punishment for going after Trump.

Wallnau also recounted that he had predicted before the 2016 election that “in the crucible of service, [Trump] would find God,” which, he said, is exactly what is happening now.

“In the crucible of the ordeal that he would go through, he’ll be forced to find God,” Wallnau said. “That’s what happened with [Abraham] Lincoln also.”