Lance Wallnau: Dimwitted Christians Who Are Embarrassed By Trump Don’t Realize He’s A Prophet Who Is Doing A Brilliant Job

Over the weekend, right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau streamed a video on Periscope in which he likened President Trump to Samson and conservative Christians to those who marched for civil rights with Martin Luther King Jr.

“Donald Trump is the rough prophet from the secular caves that came out in order to say, ‘To hell with public opinion and the media, I am going to do what I know is right and I’m going to say what I know is true,'” Wallnau said. “Meanwhile, we have our dimwitted, rank-and-file leadership in the church that is constantly embarrassed over something he did. Well, guess what? If I was Newsweek or if I was National Esquire [sic], I would probably do a whole bunch of articles on Samson and his torrid history with Philistine babes—still doesn’t mean he ain’t anointed and he’ll take out those Philistines.”

Wallnau insisted that “Trump is actually doing a brilliant job at everything he is doing” and that it is up to conservative Christians to publicly and boldly rally behind him.

“Listen, Martin Luther King did not make progress for the African-American community by revival meetings in his church,” he said. “He actually made progress by a bus boycott and he had to take his prophetic message out to the streets where it elicited the violent opposition of people who were demonized in their prejudice.”

Christians must likewise mobilize today, Wallnau said, “and let’s let the malice and the insanity of the Antifas of this world, the Soros-funded loony bin, let them show up in the public square like the dogs and the hoses that went after the African-American community who were simply singing hymns and praying and standing for their rights. We should not allow our freedoms to be so easily gobbled up by the counterfeit religion of progressive leftism, which is communism.”