Josh Bernstein: Alec Baldwin Should be Tried for Treason

Right-wing commentator Josh Bernstein appeared on Bill Deagle’s “NutriMedical Report” radio program earlier this week, where the two agreed that actor Alec Baldwin should be arrested and tried for treason for supposedly calling for the overthrow of the U.S. government.

Speaking at a Democratic fundraiser last weekend, Baldwin urged everyone to vote in order to “overthrow the government of the United States” by voting Republicans and President Trump out of office:

“The way we implement change in America is through elections,” Baldwin said. “In that orderly way, we need to overthrow the government of the United States under Donald Trump. Not in a violent, awful way, but it must be overthrown nonetheless. Let’s make America great again, by making Donald Trump a casino operator again.”

Despite the fact that Baldwin was obviously and explicitly talking about lawfully using the electoral process to effect change, Bernstein and Deagle nevertheless want him arrested and tried for treason.

“These idiot liberals, these morons that want to bring us down to a third-world level, these people should be locked up for treason,” Bernstein griped. “Liberals like to say, ‘Well, it’s very patriotic to say something nasty about your own country.’ You know what? No it’s not. It’s treasonous.”

“Ban people like Alec Baldwin,” Deagle responded. “His words that he said about overthrowing the government, in five minutes, he should have been arrested immediately, hauled off on camera screaming and hollering, and then put a big piece of tape over his friggin’ mouth. ”

“I agree with you 110 percent,” Bernstein said. “We cannot allow anyone to say that they want to usurp the power or overthrow our government and let them get away with it. We can’t say that something like that is freedom of speech, because it is not freedom of speech. It is an act of violence or domestic terrorism, in this case, against the United States … I’m sorry, that is treason.”