Josh Bernstein: Leaders Of Liberal Groups Should Be Tried For Treason In Wake Of Charlottesville Violence

Right-wing radio host, commentator and conspiracy theorist Josh Bernstein posted a video yesterday in which he declared that President Obama and the leaders of progressive organizations like People For the American Way, and Media Matters were to blame for the violence surrounding a recent white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, and called on President Trump to have them all arrested for treason.

“I blame Charlottesville as a result of that race war that Barack Obama, his administration and the hard left has been perpetrating against America all of these years,” Bernstein said. “Couple that with George Soros and David Brock and all of his left-wing organizations, from Media Matters to to American Century Bridge to Correct the Record to People For the Un-American Way, as I like to call them, to Right Wing Watch—go head, I’m hoping for another one of your lovely articles about this video—those are the groups, along with George Soros, that with the Obama administration, in concert did everything they could to divide and conquer America, to destroy race relations in America and destroy the civil rights movement as we knew it.”

“It is also time for President Trump to also issue publicly an arrest warrant for George Soros and David Brock and the leaders of all these left-wing agitation groups,” Bernstein continued, suggesting that it was no coincidence that the violence in Charlottesville took place on August 12, which happens to be George Soros’ birthday. “It is time for us to label these people and arrest these people and try them for treason, try them for being against America.”