Jerome Corsi Just Spoke At DC’s Most Powerful Think Tank

Infowars Washington bureau chief Jerome Corsi spoke this afternoon before a crowd at the Heritage Foundation, a right-wing think tank that has poured staffers into positions in the Trump administration. Corsi’s appearance at Heritage, which has also had a hand in picking Trump’s judicial nominees, is further evidence that whatever line may have once separated the conservative establishment from the far-right fringe has been steadily erased in the Trump era.

Despite the fact that Corsi is an off-the-wall conspiracy theorist, he is somehow still treated seriously by some who travel in mainstream conservative circles, allowing him to get columns in publications like USA Today and book interviews on C-SPAN and Newsmax. Today, he was hosted by one of the most powerful conservative organizations in the nation.

Corsi was introduced by Nancy Schulze, founder of Republican Congressional Wives Speakers, as well as a “Women for Trump” bus tour in North Carolina. She is in town to address the “Tea for Trump” event at the Trump International Hotel in Washington this weekend, where a member of the president’s family is expected to attend. Schulze introduced him as “master truth-teller, Jerome Corsi.”

Corsi’s “truth-telling” has included devoting countless hours to promoting a conspiracy theory known as “The Storm,” which centers around the assertion that President Trump personally ordered a high-level administration official with top-level security clearance to post riddles on 4chan and 8chan as a coded message to right-wing conspiracy theorists that Trump is secretly taking down a vast network of satanic pedophiles, including many Democrats. Corsi’s book “Killing the Deep State,” was waved by attendees at an April march of “The Storm” believers. During his “research,” Corsi has baselessly accused various people of being pedophiles, promised that video will be released showing elites butchering children, and challenged multiple federal officials to fight him behind the Department of Justice.

Corsi is also a chief proponent of the “birther” conspiracy theory suggesting that Barack Obama was not born in the United States and wrote a book in 2004 promoting unfounded “Swift Boat” claims that John Kerry lied about his time in the military.

During his talk, Corsi told attendees that former FBI Director James Comey and Special Counsel Rob Mueller had laundered billions of dollars per day for drug cartels and terrorists, and reasserted his claims that information about a global satanic pedophile network would soon be revealed.

“This whole New World Order is, in fact, I think diabolical. And we’re in a spiritual battle because increasingly we’re learning how much the pedophilia, the Satanism, the Luciferian elements pervade Silicon Valley, Hollywood, the elite. You’re going to find out much more about this in the next year,” Corsi said.

Corsi claimed that communists are posing as Democrats and “want to kill huge numbers of the population to force us into a New World Order.”

Corsi also told the Heritage audience that it was “a miracle” that Trump was elected, to which he received an “amen” from someone in the audience. He said, “I truly do think the hand of God is on Donald Trump.”