Jerome Corsi: The ‘New Q’ Is A Kabbalah Occultist

Jerome Corsi, the Washington bureau chief for Alex Jones’ Infowars who has burned hundreds of hours of his life online “decoding” cryptic message-board posts made by an anonymous figure known as “QAnon,” is now claiming that not only has the identity of Q been compromised, but that a Reddit user he suspects to be the “new” Q is a member of an ancient Jewish cult.

During yesterday’s daily stream, Corsi reiterated his claims that the original Q figure, who Infowars said it confirmed was a top-level Trump administration official with access to top-secret military intelligence, had been completely compromised. Corsi’s claims have sown discord among followers of Q who have begun to sour on Corsi and Infowars for what they perceive to be disloyalty to Q and President Trump. Those tensions were exacerbated when Corsi claimed one of his vocal critics on Reddit was “a student of the Kabbalah.”

“This new Q has said that, ‘Why we are here,’ that was one of the posts. I think that post was, let me find out the number of the post, it was one of the earlier Q posts,” Corsi said. “It said, ‘Why we are here’ and it linked to a Reddit article that was about this ‘Serialbrain2.’”

Serialbrain2 is the screen name of a highly active Reddit user who has authored numerous lengthy posts opining and speculating about various aspects of the “QAnon” conspiracy theory on the Reddit forum board “r/GreatAwakening.” Corsi posted on Twitter that he believed a Q post linking back a Serialbrain2’s post proved that Serialbrain2 was a “new Q” who he believes has replaced the old, and supposedly authentic, Trump administration-connected Q.

It worth noting that SerialBrain2 is one of many vocal critics who questioned Corsi’s role in the QAnon conspiracy theory before QAnon followers eventually began souring on Infowars. The user had referred to Corsi’s position among Q fans as “an Infowars covert operation against the Q Movement” meant to contain Q followers and protect Infowars’ market share on conspiracy theories.

Corsi told viewers that he had taken it upon himself to research SerialBrain2 and that his research found that the user is an “openly admitted occultist and has even published series of papers on the internet about his occult views.”

“Basically, a Kabbalist. Serialbrain2 is a student of the Kabbalah. Kabbalah is part of the esoteric Jewish faith going back centuries and it has a very–it’s occult, which as a Christian I’m aware that there’s good and bad occultists, but my antennae go up,” Corsi said.