Now Jerome Corsi Says He Wants To Fight James Comey

The Washington bureau chief of the conspiracy theory outlet Infowars, Jerome Corsi, recently invited Special Counsel Robert Mueller to meet him in “the backyard of the Justice Department” where they would “duke it out.” Now, Corsi also wants to fight former FBI Director James Comey.

During his appearance yesterday on a live stream where he literally spends hours every day “decoding” riddles on 8chan that he believes are posted by a high-level Trump administration official on direct orders from the president, Corsi expressed his anger against Comey, telling listeners listeners that he’d like to fight him and said that Comey should be hanged.

Comey has become a focus of right-wing media ire as he makes a media tour promoting his new “tell-all” book. Corsi said he believes that Comey was, alongside former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, part of a “criminal conspiracy” to undermine President Trump and protect Hillary Clinton. Corsi said that McCabe, Comey, and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch were “all traitors” who were “trying to prevent” Trump from winning the election.

“Comey running around with this disgraceful book tour. He’s another one I want to duke it out with. Comey acting like this big puppy dog when he’s really—you know, Cardinal Comey, sanctimonious, higher standard— the higher standard is, you know, treason. Well, that ought to get him at the end of a rope. And let him swing in the air,” he said.