Jerome Corsi: Trump Personally Selected 8Chan For Leaking Intel About ‘The Storm’

Jerome Corsi, the Washington bureau chief for Alex Jones’ outlet Infowars, claims that President Trump personally ordered that high-level intelligence about a secret effort to undermine a global satanic pedophile ring be released on the 8Chan forum board.

In yesterday afternoon’s live-streamed conversation on a Discord server, Corsi took a moment to explain the chronology of his time researching the cryptic postings of an anonymous 8Chan user known only as “Q, ” who Corsi and his rat pack of amateur sleuths believe is undoubtedly a high-ranking member of the Trump administration, if not Trump himself. Corsi said around the time he was finishing up writing his latest book last year, he was invited to a lunch by a person who wanted to “recruit me and get me interested in following this.”

During that lunch, Corsi claims he was told that President Trump had directed the release of the supposedly high-level information to the 8Chan forum board.

“The lunch was to recruit me to get me interested in following this—that this was a real phenomenon, that this was the first time this level of intelligence had been shared with the public and that the format was—you know, the 8Chan—was exactly kind of the deep way to share it with the ‘anons’ and it had been chosen by Trump as the way this message was going to get out,” Corsi said.

“That’s when I did the first decodes,” Corsi added.

According to Corsi, some of the messages Trump supposedly ordered to be posted online include claims that Rep. Adam Schiff is being blackmailed over alleged involvement in pedophilia and promises that when the Trump administration finally dismantles an alleged massive satanic pedophile ring, films will be released showing “global elites” butchering children.