Jerome Corsi and Larry Klayman Threaten to Sue Gateway Pundit

Jerome Corsi and one of his lawyers are waging threats to sue against The Gateway Pundit, an outlet that has been overwhelmingly supportive of Corsi before he began singing to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators in the Justice Department probe of Russian interference in the 2016 election. Corsi admits that he corroborated evidence that the Mueller team had involving the interactions he had with Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone, who was arraigned on Tuesday, with regard to the WikiLeaks dumps of emails hacked from the Clinton campaign by Russian intelligence operatives.

Larry Klayman, the estranged founder of Judicial Watch who is representing Corsi as he processes through Mueller’s probe, appeared on NewsmaxTV yesterday with host John Cardillo to spar with Gateway Pundit contributor Cassandra Fairbanks, who had taken to Twitter the day before to call Corsi “a deranged old man,” and to criticize Mueller for taking information from him. Corsi is also represented by New Jersey attorney David Gray.


It’s worth noting that many in Stone’s orbit—a right-wing media universe that includes Fairbanks—have sought to smear and discredit Corsi, believing that the former Infowars writer is directly responsible for Stone’s ensnarement in the Mueller probe. Stone was indicted last Friday for allegedly lying to federal officials about his communications with senior Trump campaign officials about WikiLeaks releases that were published during the summer before the 2016 election. Corsi and Stone are currently threatening to sue each other for defamation.

“All of this is kind of smoke. It means nothing in terms of what Mueller has and Roger should take it seriously,” Klayman said. “Dr. Corsi has been the hero here. He’s actually sued Robert Mueller twice with criminal complaints, with civil complaints. I haven’t seen Roger do that.”

Last year, Corsi filed a lawsuit against Mueller accusing that the special counsel of goading him to provide false testimony and of leaking grand jury secrets.

On Newsmax TV, Fairbanks defended WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, with whom she has a personal relationship, and argued that Corsi could not be considered a credible source on WikiLeaks. She went on to assert that Corsi had made numerous false predictions about WikiLeaks releases, had plagiarized her work to promote QAnon conspiracy theories, and had “no basic understanding” of how WikiLeaks operates. She also pointed out that Corsi once solicited charity donations to pay a cancer doctor that didn’t exist.

“The fact that anybody is taking him seriously at all makes me completely just—it makes me laugh,” Fairbanks said.

Klayman told Cardillo that Corsi wouldn’t hesitate to bring defamation cases and that “we can sort this out in court if she wants to get to the bottom of it.” That was echoed by Corsi on Twitter, where he claimed that Gateway Pundit owner Jim Hoft had been “put on legal notice,” and that he had demanded the outlet issue a retraction of Fairbanks’ claims.


Fairbanks told Right Wing Watch that no legal notice was sent.

“We didn’t receive legal notice. He and his lawyer called my boss ratting on me, threatening lawsuits and saying they were going to Mueller about me,” she wrote to us via email. “I told Jim to tell them to contact my lawyer, as I am only a contributor to Gateway and it doesn’t really concern him. Corsi’s lawyer is just an idiot.”

Klayman did not answer our request for comment via email.

(Article updated at 1:58 p.m.)