Larry Klayman Likens Jerome Corsi to Jesus and the Founding Fathers

Last week, ardent right-wing conspiracy theorist and prominent birther Jerome Corsi announced that he had retained the legal services of right-wing attorney and equally ardent conspiracy theorist Larry Klayman to represent him in his battle against Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Corsi has said he expects to be indicted by Mueller, and says he was offered a plea deal, which he says he rejected. Instead, Corsi has filed a criminal complaint against the special counsel.

On Friday, Klayman appeared on a program hosted by Pete Santilli to discuss the case—which was fitting, given that Santilli is an extremist right-wing radio host who once declared that he wanted to shoot Hillary Clinton “right in the vagina.” In his Friday appearance on Santilli’s show, Klayman likened Corsi to both the Founding Fathers and Jesus Christ.

“Jerry Corsi is really standing in there, not for himself,” Klayman said, “but also for the American people. He’s doing that in the mold of our Founding Fathers. He’s risking his life because he believes in this country and he will not be ramrodded and coerced into testifying falsely.”

Klayman predicted that after Muller files his report, Democrats in the House of Representatives will use it to file articles of impeachment against Trump in order to “grind this country to a halt” and prevent Trump from carrying out his duties, which Klayman said “is going to destroy this country.”

Klayman said that this effort can already be seen in the guilty plea entered by “this little creep” Michael Cohen for lying to Congress about Trump’s ties to Russia, which he said is now preventing Trump “from doing all that he wants to do” because he is being hamstrung by concerns about optics and his political future.

“He shouldn’t back off,” Klayman said. “His instincts are great. I love this president. Go for the fences. Don’t worry about it. Do what you have to do and let the rest of them be dammed. And that’s what Jerry Corsi is saying, ‘Be dammed. I’m gonna take this up the line legally, I’m not going to be railroaded into a plea agreement’ … This is not something that you can turn the other cheek on. Jesus wouldn’t have turned the other cheek. He told Pontius Pilate to go stick it. He wasn’t going to lie that he wasn’t the Son of God. He told him to take a hike.”