Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 5/22/17

  • Jerome Corsi, Washington bureau chief for Alex Jones’ Infowars and leading birther conspiracy theorist, was granted press credentials by the White House today.
  • After being fired by Glenn Beck’s network, Tomi Lahren has landed a new job with a pro-Trump activist organization.
  • Carol Everett of the anti-abortion Heidi Group declares that Planned Parenthood’s “agenda was to give women low-dose birth-control pills they knew [the women] would get pregnant on and to pass out defective condoms. I will go to my grave believing that their agenda was three to five abortions between the ages of 13 and 18 from every young woman they could find.”
  • E.W. Jackson has endorsed Ed Gillespie’s campaign for governor of Virginia.
  • Finally, Larry Klayman and Gennifer Flowers wonder why the media is not paying more attention to the Seth Rich conspiracy theory when it has “so much substance.”