Jack Hibbs Says He’s ‘Ashamed That I’m Not Being Attacked’ for His Right-Wing Bigotry

When right-wing youth organizer Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA spoke at University of California, Davis, last week, protests erupted that resulted in various acts of vandalism and arrests.

When right-wing pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills church, who is an ardent supporter and close ally of Kirk’s, heard about the protests, he took to social media to post a video voicing his outrage that Kirk is generating these sorts of protests and pastors are not.

“I’m embarrassed that Charlie got attacked for speaking truth when it should have been us,” Hibbs said. “It should be the pastor that’s standing and exposing this absolute fallacy of transgenderism cult. It is a cult, now. It’s an official cult. It’s a religion. It’s LBGTQ transgender lunacy that is a direct violation of everything that is normal, right, scientific, and culturally sustainable.”

“Pastors, you and I should be embarrassed that Charlie Kirk stood in our place,” Hibbs continued. “He took the hit. He got eggs thrown at him, junk thrown at him, and he was mocked, ridiculed, and now on social media, he’s being scoured like a dirty pan.”

“I’m ashamed that I’m not being attacked,” Hibbs declared. “Pastor, you and I should be ashamed because we should be the clarions of truth. We’re the ones that should be standing up and saying, ‘Hey, everybody, your kids are being raped by the public school system, raped by woke politicians, absolutely maligned and destroyed, led to the point of suicide because your kids are being lied to.’ God help us pastors if we cave into peer pressure and woke pastor pressure that tries to tell us that we shouldn’t speak up.”

Hibbs is closely associated with Christian nationalist political operative David Lane and their mutual ally Rob McCoy, who is a pastor and mentor to Kirk. In a “Freedom Night” appearance with Charlie Kirk last year, Hibbs declared, “There is no such thing as the separation of church and state.” In 2021, Hibbs asked God to forgive Californians for electing “politicians with antichrist worldviews to office,” like Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris. That same year he called for President Joe Biden to be court martialed and removed from office.

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