Jack Hibbs Says Biden ‘Needs to Be Facing Court-Martial’ and Removed From Office

California-based right-wing pastor Jack Hibbs kicked off his sermon Sunday by railing against President Joe Biden’s handling of the withdrawal of U.S. military forces from Afghanistan and demanding that Biden be court-martialed and removed from office.

“God’s wrath is upon America,” Hibbs declared. “It took us 20 years of blood, trillions of dollars in treasure; it took us 20 years to lose the war on terror. This week, the United States suffered its worst military defeat in its history.”

“Do not call for the impeachment of Joe Biden,” he continued. “That’s not appropriate. It’s inappropriate. The number one military officer in the United States of America is the commander in chief. Did you know that? The number one soldier, the number one airman, the number one presider over the U.S. military, the number one government-issued leader of the U.S. military is the president of the United States. When a commander conducts orders that are irresponsible and leads to death or jeopardizes national security, that military person faces court-martial. Joe Biden needs to be facing court-martial. He needs to be tried for his actions! People are dead, and he needs to pay for it. It is a crime what he’s committing. Joe Biden has committed a crime, and in military law, he’s to be removed from office.”

Unfortunately for Hibbs and his wildly applauding congregation, the president cannot be court-martialed as presidents are considered to be civilians who are not subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice.