‘He’s Weak’: Nick Fuentes Breaks With Rep. Paul Gosar

Nick Fuentes is a racist, misogynistic, antisemitic, homophobic Christian nationalist who openly hates this country and wants to see government taken over by a fascist dictatorship. But despite being a social pariah who has been banned from nearly every mainstream social media platform, Fuentes has always had the support of far-right Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar.

Gosar, who has long had deep ties to white nationalist and other far-right movements, spoke at Fuentes’ America First Political Action conference in 2021 and has repeatedly promoted and defended Fuentes and his America First movement. On top of that, it was reported earlier this year that one of Fuentes’ followers is working in Gosar’s congressional office.

But whatever ties there were between Gosar and Fuentes have seemingly been severed as Fuentes savaged Gosar on his livestream Tuesday night after the congressman voted against removing Rep. Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House.

“Rep. Paul Gosar, what’s going on?” Fuentes asked. “He voted to keep McCarthy.”

“I have to say I no longer support Rep. Gosar,” Fuentes continued. “I think I’m done with him and I think everybody that supports me and supports this movement should be done with him too, because he’s weak.”

Fuentes then revealed that after Gosar spoke at his 2021 AFPAC conference, Fuentes and his audience raised $30,000 for Gosar’s congressional campaign as a show of thanks. Fuentes said that Gosar’s office was so impressed by the amount raised that they scheduled a fundraiser with Fuentes in Arizona. At the time, Fuentes was on the federal No Fly List, so he had to drive from Chicago to Arizona to attend.

Fuentes claims that shortly before he arrived in Arizona after his long drive, Gosar’s office informed him that the event was being canceled because word of the fundraiser had been leaked to then House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who reportedly threatened repercussions should it occur.

Fuentes was—and remains—furious about the snub to this day.

“All this time later, what did [Gosar] do? [He] voted to keep McCarthy as the Speaker,” Fuentes fumed. “Fuck you!”

As far as we know, Fuentes maintains his mutually supportive relationship with another far-right Arizona politician, state Sen. Wendy Rogers, who was censured by her colleagues after calling for the execution of political traitors in a speech at the 2022 AFPAC.

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