‘Heaven’s Gavel’ Has Fallen on Impeachment, Says Pro-Trump ‘Prophet’ Jon Hamill

Graphic promoting Lamplighter Ministries' Revolution 2019-2020 gathering at Trump International Hotel.

The Elijah List, a daily prophecy-oriented email newsletter that claims more than 240,000 subscribers, urged its readers Tuesday to consider the “powerful revelations and visions” about President Donald Trump’s impeachment from Jon Hamill, a “prophet” located in the Washington, D.C. area. “There are those who seek to ‘bind the president until he is removed from office,’” declared Hamill. “But by verdict of Heaven’s court, turnaround has been decreed.”

Hamill previously worked for Cindy Jacobs’ Generals International and for Mick Bickle’s International House of Prayer. Back in 2012, John and his wife Jolene were described as “emerging leaders” of the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders, a leadership group within the New Apostolic Reformation, which seeks to transform both Christianity and society by getting people they consider the right kind of Christians to take “dominion” over the government, media, and other “mountains” of influence on society.

Hamill’s “prophetic word” on impeachment is recycled from November, when he claims he saw “heaven’s gavel” fall during the launch of the One Voice Prayer Movement, a pro-Trump project involving White House aide Paula White and a number of conservative “prayer warriors.”

In an introductory update to his November “prophetic word,” Hamill writes:

In a prophetic experience early in September, the Lord showed how President Trump’s unprecedented pro-life advancements form the baseline for the highest levels of resistance to his presidency. And on Tuesday, November 5, 2019, almost exactly a year away from when America votes in 2020, the Lord showed how His gavel has fallen for both an impeachment turnaround and for an incredible advancement for LIFE. Covenant with death and Hell will be annulled!

Hamill tells readers, “I’m not seeking to be political here, or tell anyone how to vote.”

Of course he’s not being political! He’s just letting you know that he had a vision from God in which he saw Trump kneeling in prayer and God let him know the GOP would sweep the 2020 elections. “I also knew intuitively the Lord was speaking about a sweep in the 2020 elections which would give Trump’s political party the majority in both the House and Senate.”

Hamill says he was “frankly astonished” to have been given this vision, explaining, “Friends, if you know Jolene and me, we are governmental but we are definitely not political. No King but Jesus!”

Not political? Hamill was among the participants at the dominionist gathering Rise Up 2018, the purpose of which was to wage spiritual warfare to get God to intervene in the 2018 elections the same way they believe he did in 2016 to put Trump in the White House. At that gathering on the eve of the 2018 elections, Hamill told attendees that the Holy Spirit told him back in 2015 that God was granting America a turnaround in the 2016 elections, and had chosen Trump as the catalyst. Thanks to Trump, he said, “the door is open” for Christians “to possess your portion of the kingdom.”

Hamill has the rare distinction of having been deemed too controversial for the Museum of the Bible, which has become the gathering spot of choice for right-wing Christian activist groups. He held an event there in 2017, but after RWW and others publicized Hamill’s plans for Revolution 2018, to be held at the museum that December, the museum balked at the last minute and told Hamill’s Lamplighter Ministries that the group wasn’t welcome.

But even that eviction was part of God’s plan, Hamill claimed, because the museum ended up helping the group move its event to Trump International Hotel, where dominionist Chuck Pierce declared that God had “orchestrated” the change of location because it was important to “keep this portal open under this covering.”

Hamill and his “prophetic” friends were back at Trump International with Cindy Jacobs and other friends for Revolution 2019-2020 over three days at the end of December. James Goll, also affiliated with the New Apostolic Reformation, appeared by video and portrayed the Revolution gathering as a successor to Lou Engle’s The Call, a prayer gathering on the National Mall in 2000. Goll said that prayers by “revolutionaries” would make the impeachment process “boomerang” on Trump’s critics.

Hamill told attendees that a “covenant” restoration brought about by conservative prayer efforts over the past decade had led to political victories in 2014 and 2016 elections. Among recent “turnarounds” he cited was the U.S. alliance with Israel, the Trump administration’s anti-abortion policies, and the “transformation” of the federal judiciary by Trump-nominated judges. And—you knew it was coming—he declared that “God is calling for a year of the tithe” and that in order to “complete the turnaround,” people should make contributions to Lamplighter Ministries.

Afterward, Revolution 2019-2020 organizers called the gathering “a historic moment demarcating the ‘new era’ the Lord has released to the body of Christ.”

A primary focus of the gathering was to set the course prophetically for 2020 through declaration and direction by the Holy Spirit. We saw a tremendous move of God as His governmental glory touched each of us, bringing many into profound encounters with Him. We crossed over from a wilderness season into our inheritance. And we reaffirmed our national covenant with Jesus Christ, divorced from historic idolatry.