Spiritual ‘Paul Revere’ To Host ‘Revolution’ Event at Museum of the Bible, America’s ‘Ark of the Covenant’

Promotional graphic for Revolution 2018, from Lamplighter Ministries website.

Jon Hamill, one of the prayer leaders at the Rise Up event held the day before the midterm elections by a group of Trump-supporting “prophets” and “apostles,” is preparing to convene an event called Revolution 2018. It will be held December 6-8 at the Museum of the Bible, which Hamill and his wife Jolene “see prophetically as America’s Ark of the Covenant.” Dominionist Chuck Pierce is among the scheduled speakers at Revolution 2018.

At the Rise Up gathering, Hamill said that the Holy Spirit told him in 2015 that God was granting America a turnaround in the 2016 elections. God, he said, chosen President Trump to be the catalyst for that turnaround, and now, thanks to Trump, “the door is open” for Christians “to possess your portion of the kingdom.” He prayed for promotions, raises and new levels of influence for believers working in the government.  And he even proclaimed hope for turnaround in California, “home of one of the most openly defiant governmental structures against God, not just in the nation, but maybe on the planet.”

Hamill preached about a Bible verse, Daniel 7:22, which comes amid a portrayal of Daniel’s apocalyptic dream about a great beast waging war against the saints, “Until the Ancient of days came, and judgment was given to the saints of the most High; and the time came that the saints possessed the kingdom.” He prayed:

“We ask very simply, God, that you render judgment in favor of the saints, so that the saints may possess the kingdom, so that you may receive the fullness of what you have for this vineyard, that the vineyard of America will perpetuate the freedom that has been entrusted to us. We are asking in Jesus’ name, that whether they’re Democrats or Republicans, if they love you whole-heartedly, and name your name and align with your heart and your kingdom, Lord, let them be the ones to possess the kingdom. Bring your people in through the gates to possess the governmental seats of authority, in Jesus’ name! We declare that doors are shut to the wrong ones, open to the right ones, in Jesus’ name. We declare this turnaround—turnaround!—in Jesus’ name.”

Hamill and his wife run Lamplighter Ministries, which is “pursuing the restoration of God’s governmental glory!” The Hamills’ first book was called “Crown & Throne: a Field Guide to Spiritual Revolution.” From the announcement for the upcoming event at the Museum of the Bible:

Jolene and I want to welcome you for Revolution 2018 in the grace, leadership and authority Jesus has entrusted to you as an emissary of His Kingdom. We are convening as a continental congress, a united expression of His ekklesia, to release His covenant purposes into our land. You will receive key briefings on national issues. You will be equipped to innovate—with revelation, anointing and 2020 vision. And you will grow in your effectiveness as kings and priests in this Crown & Throne movement.

The ekklesia is a term used by dominionists to refer to the church acting as God’s legislative authority in the world. At the Rise Up 2018 gathering on the eve of the election, Hamill said, “Lord, we declare that this land and government belongs to you by covenant.” He told people that, when he and Jolene look out at Washington from their balcony in Pentagon City, Virginia, just across the Potomac River, God occasionally gives them a sign, like a rainbow or an eagle. The Lord spoke to him, Hamill said, and said that the Democratic Party is the left wing of the eagle, and that the eagle cannot soar as it should with a strong right wing and a bad left wing. The Democratic Party platform is “openly defiant of God,” he said, and both parties need to return to Jesus and to their “covenant roots.”

Hamill told the assembled prayer warriors that they are in the midst of a spiritual revolution, and said “every revolution is fought to establish a new government.” The revolution that the body of Christ is engaged in right now, he said, is “to see kingdom governance come.”

“Let’s ask God to restrain the forces of Antichrist that are now trying to overtake our land and turn it into a platform for global governance, tied to idolatry, tied to open defiance of God,” he said. “Let’s contend for the Republican Party and Democratic Party together, to re-align with their covenant roots and become the great deliverers that God’s called them to be.”

Hamill quoted from the book of Revelation, saying that “Jesus renders judgment and then He makes war to establish his verdict in the earth.” Most people get that backwards, he said, getting involved in battles before God has rendered judgment. He says that back in July 22, 2014, 100 days before the midterm elections, Chuck Pierce and others gathered in Boston’s Faneuil Hall to seek a “Daniel 7:22 judgement” from God. That year’s election brought “dramatic shifts.” Then, in March 2015, said Hamill, at God’s urging he and his wife led “turnaround” prayers in for the election of Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel.

The Hamills are not household names outside their movement, but they’ve been at this awhile. Their 2017 book “The Midnight Cry” describes the August 2011 earthquake that shook Washington DC, cracked the Washington Monument, and toppled gargoyles from the National Cathedral as God’s confirmation that he heard a prayer they had delivered from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial 50 days earlier—and thus restored his covenant with the U.S. In 2016, they say, they had “led a prayer and revival journey called the Glory Train, touching all 50 states with God’s promise for national turnaround.”

The stage for all this was set even earlier, according to the Hamills. A July 2007 “The Call” event organized by dominionist Lou Engle in Nashville was focused on repenting of America’s sins to divorce her from Baal. (Baal is the Canaanite God often regarded as the enemy of the Hebrew God, Yahweh.) And then:

Late in 2008, Iowa prophet Katherine Watsey gave the following prophetic word to apostle John Benefiel, director of the Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network, and prophet Cindy Jacobs, director of the Reformation Prayer Network. Note that I’m summarizing the word. “You must divorce Baal at all lodges, mosques, abortion clinics and other altars of idolatry in the nation,” she declared. “This is necessary to ‘knock the legs out’ from under the elites who are trying to claim control over our land. And God will respond by restoring his glory and sending his third great awakening!”

All altars of historic and present idolatry needed to be prayed over onsite across the nation, seeking the divorce from Baal. Then the verdict would be granted.

What followed was the largest and most comprehensive repudiation of idolatry in American history. Thank God the prayer movement actually mobilized. Led by John Benefiel and Cindy Jacobs, more than 10,000 altars of idolatry were prayed over in every small village and large metropolis of every state in the nation. In 2013 we were also directed to pray over every abortion clinic in the nation. Seeking the Lord to grant a divorce from our historic sin-empowered idolatry, restore covenant with us, and grant us a new beginning.

How did God respond? Just like He promised.

“The Midnight Cry,” quotes a prophecy made over Washington D.C. by Rick Rydings in 2012: “I’m going to restore to My people walking in governmental intercessory, kingly authority. That what you proclaim on earth shall be that which you have already heard proclaimed in heaven!”  Says Hamill, “We together will rule with Him in a way that brings Heaven’s desires to the earth.” He says he and Jolene “have been facilitating Schools of Kings across our nation, with the intention of helping God’s people grow into their kingly identity and calling.”

Although both Jon and Jolene are listed as authors, “The Midnight Cry” is often written in first-person singular, as in, “For many reasons, I personally believe we are in the beginning of the end-times drama prophesied by Jesus and the prophets.” That “I” belongs to Jon, who says multiple prophets have told him that he was meant to be a spiritual Paul Revere, serving in the end times.” Hamill says he’s a distant cousin of the night-riding patriot. He describes the church’s shifting understanding over recent decades of Jesus as bridgegroom to the church, Jesus as Judge, and now, Jesus as King.

“The Midnight Cry” is described as “Prophetic Perceptions for 2018 and beyond including Donald Trump and national turnaround.” They predicted that “Many will be startled by God’s work” in 2018; they said that 2018-2020 will be an “incredible season for wealth generation” for Christians committed to the kingdom. “God is releasing covenant wealth so that His covenant may be established in America and among the nations of the earth.”

The Hamills put spiritual import in holding their upcoming event during Hanukkah. They believe that while Christians celebrate Christmas on December 25 as a matter of tradition, Jesus was really conceived (miraculously) during Hanukkah, and born during the Feast of Tabernacles, or Sukkot.

Jesus was born to redeem the world from the corruption of idolatry and sin. But His calling as a geopolitical revolutionary is not so much understood. His mother perceived this calling very clearly though. “He has brought down rulers from their thrones,” she exclaimed about this babe while He was still in her womb. And has exalted those who were humble” (Luke 1:52).

Did you know that’s part of Christ’s calling—judging the nations, and bringing unjust rulers down from their thrones? That’s revolutionary—and not very comfortable for most people. Ultimately Hanukkah even speaks into the final moments of the end-times, with Christ the King bringing down an antichrist ruler whom the Bible prophesies will set up his throne on the Temple Mount.

…Only governmental leaders who follow the footsteps of Jesus by laying down their lives for their constituents are worthy to wear the crown and rule.