Trump’s Prayer Warriors Mobilize ‘Spiritual Warfare’ to Combat ‘Occultic Activity’ Against Trump

Graphic from Intercessors for American prayer guide.

“Occultic Activity is coming against Pres. Trump for the next 7 days,” warned an “urgent” text message sent Friday afternoon from the Trump-supporting prayer warriors at Intercessors for America.

The text included a link to a new prayer guide that said:

Spells and hexes. Curses and binding. Witches, warlocks, occultists, and resisters of President Trump are focusing their negative energy and spiritual power toward President Trump right now. Monthly rituals have been taking place since the beginning of his presidency. Now, all who call on the name of the enemy are actively ramping up their efforts and coordination in this heightened time of occult activity for a week of binding beginning the evening of October 25.

Intercessors for America warned, “Don’t discount the spiritual warfare happening in our nation, against this president, and at this time of year, but carefully and scripturally pray and intercede for the President.”

The Intercessors for America guide offered five prayer strategies to combat the “occultist activity aimed at the president”:

  1. Seek God for His instruction on how to battle for President Trump. Overcoming in spiritual warfare begins with intimacy with God. There is no set formula to win a battle.
  1. Identify the enemy—and the Father’s intended destiny for President Trump. When we see from the perspective of the cross, we can see past the demonic stronghold, to the Father’s intention and destiny for this President and our nation.
  1. Release the power of praising God as a means of warfare for the President. Don’t underestimate the power of praise—is also a powerful spiritual weapon. (Ps 149:6-9)
  1. Move in the opposite spirit toward the President. It is a spiritual battle—displace the enemy by Spirit-led action and proclamations that usher in God’s presence. (Eph 8:12-13)
  1. Declare the Father’s intentions for President Trump. Binding and loosing is simply an invitation to see what Heaven is doing and to participate in God’s purposes for President Trump. (Mt 18:18).

“We know that You have a destiny for this President and that the enemy is attempting to steal it,” read the suggested prayer, which asks that God would be glorified through Trump’s presidency.

Intercessors for America holds monthly calls for hundreds of “intercessors.” Those calls have frequently hosted religious right figures and politicians and disseminated their own versions of Trump administration talking points on things like the Mueller Report. The group boosted the frequency of its prayer calls before the 2018 midterms. On one of those calls, Illinois Rep. Mike Bost portrayed the midterms as a struggle between those who love Jesus and those who follow Satan.