GOP VA Senate Candidate Claims Public Schools ‘Poisoned the Mind’ of His Nonbinary Child

Philip Andrew Hamilton, a Republican candidate for a seat in the Virginia Senate, appeared on “In The Trenches With Teddy Daniels” last week, where he accused the public education system of indoctrinating his own child into believing that they are nonbinary.

Hamilton, who has received the endorsement of radical Virginia legislator Amanda Chase in his bid to represent the voters of Virginia’s 11th District in the state Senate, appeared on “In The Trenches” to discuss the recent shooting in Nashville, Tennessee, and the reports that the perpetrator was transgender. Hamilton told guest host Frankie Stockes of The National File that transgender issues are “very personal” to him because of what public school teachers have supposedly done to his child.

“We have to provide for protections against these teachers that are indoctrinating our children,” Hamilton declared. “[My child] is 13 years old now, and we had some very frank conversations. But last year, she came out to me and said, ‘Well, Dad, I’m bisexual.’ And this is when she was 12 years old. I said, ‘You’re too young to be really going into whether or not you’re bisexual. You’re not a dating age.’ And she dismissed me, unfortunately.”

“I found out later on last year that the problem was much worse than just being bisexual,” he continued. “She came out and said, ‘Well, I’m no longer being identified as a she. I’m a they/them.'”

While Hamilton’s ex-wife and her family supported the child and called them by their preferred name, Hamilton did not.

“I said, ‘Just because your mother’s family is going along to get along and supporting this doesn’t mean that I, your father, am going to stand for this,'” Hamilton recounted. “I told her, ‘You need to go to the church. You need to realize that this is not the right path for you.’ I asked her, ‘What teachers indoctrinated you with this?’ and she refused to tell me. It infuriates me to this day that the public education system has poisoned the mind of my own daughter.”

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