Glenn Beck: Kavanaugh Confirmation Could Lead to Turmoil, Buy Gold

Right-wing pseudo-historian David Barton appeared on Glenn Beck’s radio program yesterday to promote the new book he has co-written with right-wing pastor Jim Garlow: “This Precarious Moment: 6 urgent steps that will save you, your family, and your country.”

During the broadcast, Beck managed to rope Barton into making an ad for Goldline, which sponsors his radio program, urging listeners to buy gold, warning that this country will descend into chaos if Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed to the Supreme Court and the Democrats gain control of Congress in the midterm elections.

As Beck and Barton see it, if Democrats gain control of the House of Representatives, they will demand access to President Trump’s tax returns, which the White House will resist. That will then lead to a showdown in the Supreme Court, which will cause Democrats to seek to impeach Kavanaugh, which “will put two branches of the government into disarray.”

“That’s certain,” Beck warned. “This is what’s coming. Now how good is that for the economy? How good is that? What do you think is going to happen for the next two years if we have Democrats in the House—God forbid, Democrats in the House and the Senate?”

“If you don’t think that we are at, as David’s book calls it, a precarious moment, you’re mistaken,” Beck said. “866-Goldline.”