Glenn Beck And David Barton Want To Take Their New Museum On The Road To Public Schools

On his television show last night, Glenn Beck provided some more details about the museum that he hopes to build with Religious Right pseudo-historian David Barton, which they intend to use to personally indoctrinate students with their distinct brand of misinformation.

Beck said that he and Barton have been “working with some university professors who are kind of quietly in the closet” on a project and that they are now “going to put into high gear” by bringing in students and teaching them “how to use original sources and critical thinking to be able to write a paper, make a case for the Founding Fathers, make a case for Abraham Lincoln, make a case against the progressives only using original documents; you’re not allowed to use a blog post, you’re not allowed to use anything unless you can back it up with the original documents.”

Beck said he and Barton also want to put their museum out on the road for an entire year and send it around the country with the hope that public schools will bring students out to learn from it.