Glenn Beck And David Barton Are Seeking Donations To Build Their Own History Museum

Back in 2012, Religious Right pseudo-historian David Barton announced that he and Glenn Beck had hopes to launch an intensive two-week history program designed to inoculate those who are about to go off to college against all the ungodly false history there were sure to be taught there. As with most things involving Beck, this program never materialized but it looks as if Barton and Beck have not quite given up the dream.

On his television program last night, Beck was joined by Barton as they announced that they are seeking donations to build a museum where the two men can spend their summers personally teaching history to students and visitors.

“David and I would like you to help us,” Beck said. “We are still in the acquisition phase, we are still trying to buy the good and the bad, so we have it all … and also some fun things in history to be able to bring the people who don’t want to learn history, to bring them in as well. But our goal is to acquire, build and then teach and we’d like to run a hundred kids a week through it. I’d like to spend summers, just David and I teaching every single day.”

Without a hint of irony, Beck and Barton stressed the importance of this project by quoting George Orwell’s line from “1984” that “he who controls the past, controls the future and he who controls the present, controls the past.”

“You want to help us?” Beck asked. “Join us at Mercury One and give to our museum fund.”