Gavin McInnes: Michelle Wolf Wasn’t Funny Because She’s A Woman

Gavin McInnes, the far-right CRTV host and leader of the bizarre “Proud Boys” hate group, was not a fan of comedian Michelle Wolf’s routine at this year’s White House Correspondent’s Dinner, claiming that she was only chosen because of “affirmative action” that he says motivated organizers to book “the blackest-looking Jewish chick” they could find.

This weekend, Wolf was the object of feigned outrage from conservatives after she roasted administration officials and members of the press at the dinner, as she was supposed to do.  McInnes, who steadily spews nonsensical, offensive comments, joined the faux-outrage on Monday’s episode of his CRTV show, during which he claimed that “comedy is being ruined with affirmative action” because “women aren’t as funny as men.” He elaborated that he believed that a nearly non-existent percentage of women are authentically funny and that “Michelle Wolf is not one of that percent.”

“But she looks kind of—she’s so Jewish she looks black,” McInnes said, laughing at his own witticism.

He continued, “She’s been in comedy since maybe, like, 2014 and it’s the same with Leslie, what’s her name, Leslie Fields—is that her name—from [Saturday Night Live], the black chick that everyone—Leslie Jones. She’s been doing comedy for zero time but they just push them to the front of the line while white guys like Cale Hartmann are banished to the Mongolian oil fields because of fake rape accusations.”

“Well, what happens when we ignore talent and hard work and we just get the blackest-looking Jewish chick we can find? This is what happens,” McInnes said before going to a clip of Wolf performing at the dinner.

CRTV, the company that currently employs McInnes, attempted to quietly erase racist remarks he made about Sen. Cory Booker earlier this year and has been appealing to fringe audiences with its recent hires.