Gavin McInnes: Women ‘Voting With Their Hearts’ To Blame For ‘Illegals And Muslims’ That Murder

Gavin McInnes, the CRTV host who heads up a freakish boy’s club recently identified as a hate group, told viewers that he blamed women “voting with their hearts” for “illegals and Muslims” that murder people in the United States.

Last night on his show, McInnes claimed that conservatives “need to protect the left from themselves” because liberals are “so bad at anything but the patriarchy.” McInnes tried to make his case by turning to a story recently shared by University of Denver law professor Nancy Leong about a predatory Uber driver who told her he was going to take her to a hotel against her will—but not before McInnes noted that he thought Leong was “insanely hot” and rated her attractiveness.

McInnes presumed that the Uber driver who endangered Leong was an immigrant. He then used that assumption to put the blame for Leong’s experience on women who vote in favor of immigrant rights.

“Immigrants, mass immigration, that’s women voting, voting with their hearts, feelings—‘They just want a place to stay. They just want a place to crash.’—so they bring in illegals and Muslims and these Uber drivers end up killing people in New York and they tried to kill her,” McInnes said.

He added: “Luckily, there was toxic masculinity there to save the day. Good job, construction workers.  Good thing Nancy Leong didn’t get her way and abolish masculinity, because it ended up saving her life. You see what I’m screaming?”