Gavin McInnes Suspects Immigrants May Be To Blame For Social Media Censorship

Gavin McInnes, a CRTV political commentator and creator of the bizarre Proud Boys club, theorized last week that the reason some prominent right-wing personalities have been suspended from social media platforms is that “everyone at these social media companies has an accent” and they “seem to be violators of their H1-B visas with an axe to grind.”

Last week on his nightly “Get Off My Lawn” program, McInnes briefly discussed recent waves of account suspensions doled out by YouTube moderators in efforts to more strictly enforce the site’s community guidelines against conspiracy theories and extremist content. McInnes expressed his sympathy with various personalities who have been suspended from various platforms and warned that the alleged censorship will eventually target all conservatives instead of just extreme ones.

“It goes Richard Spencer, then it’s ‘Baked Alaska’ [Tim Gionet], then it’s Laura Loomer, then it’s Ezra Levant, and then it’s Breitbart and so on and so on,” McInnes said.

“That’s because, as we learned from James O’Keefe, when you check these people out, they are radicals. The head of security at Twitter is a radical Muslim immigrant. All these people seem to be violators of their H1-B visas with an axe to grind,” McInnes said. “And you know what the irony of all that—and I said this before on the show—it might be that they’re conforming.”

He added, “On all of O’Keefe’s tapes it seemed like everyone at these social media companies has an accent. But these immigrants, I think they sort of go, ‘OK, I want to assimilate, what’s the thing here? Oh the thing here is you hate America and you hate Trump and you think that everyone’s a Nazi. Done.’”

Earlier this year, Right Wing Watch caught CRTV attempting to cover up racist remarks McInnes made about Sen. Cory Booker. CRTV reported some of our videos to YouTube for copyright violation, which we successfully appealed, and edited their archive tapes to exclude McInnes’ statements.