Gavin McInnes On Moving To CRTV: ‘I Want To Make My Message Mainstream’

Gavin McInnes, former Rebel Media personality and founder of the bizarre right-wing fraternity Proud Boys, revealed last night that he left Rebel Media for the online conservative network CRTV because he hopes to take his so-called “Western chauvinist” anti-feminism message mainstream.

During the debut episode of his new CRTV program, “Get Off My Lawn,” McInnes explained his motivations for leaving Rebel Media, a digital media company Vice (which McInnes co-founded) called “an international platform for far-right and alt-right figures.”

“I want to climb aboard this CRTV ship. I want to make my message mainstream,” McInnes said.

That message has “always been dads,” he said, referring to the idea that fathers should be at the head of social structures.

“You know when you say smash the patriarchy? That’s me. Don’t smash me. I want to rebuild the patriarchy,” McInnes said.

In the second half of his show, McInnes restated, “This is what I’m going to be doing at CRTV and I hope it inspires you to become a dad. Ladies, I hope it inspires you to become a housewife.”

McInnes is the self-described leader of a strange Alt-Right sympathizing fraternity called the Proud Boys, whose initiation rituals include new members being required to name five breakfast cereals while being punched by no less than five current members of the organization. The Proud Boys spend their time partying and fighting left-wing counter protesters at right-wing extremist rallies.

Of course, McInnes made no mention of the Proud Boys during the debut episode of his new show.

McInnes also cited his handful of appearances on the CRTV show “Louder with Crowder” as inspiration for him to join the network.

“This is the future of news and media in America,” McInnes said. “We’re at an incredible time right now where the media has drifted off Earth like a satellite 250 miles away, up with the academics and the pontificators.”