Rick Wiles: Trump Is Being Blackmailed To Do The Bidding Of The Satanic ‘Dark State’

End Times radio broadcaster Rick Wiles, who is convinced that President Trump has been placed under house arrest by the “deep state,” warned on his Trunews radio broadcast yesterday that the president is being blackmailed to do the work of Satan … and that even God agrees.

Wiles, who has now started using the term “dark state” to highlight his belief that this shadowy entity is really an arm of Satan, declared that “there is no separation between Lucifer and the dark state” that now controls Trump.

“The dark state is [Satan’s] political arm,” Wiles said. “It’s Luciferian, it’s demonic. That is the dark state, the deep state, the Illuminati, whatever you want to call it, the synagogue of Satan. It is Satan’s political, financial, social, military arm in the world. It’s his government.”

Wiles asserted that Trump is now trapped “in bondage” due to the fact that “the dark state had been spying on him” for decades and has amassed a trove of blackmail material that it is using to control him.

Just as Wiles said this, it thundered outside of his radio studio in Florida, which he took as a sign that God was vouching for his theory.

“Anybody hear the thunder?” he asked. “We just had a flash of lightning and thunder here in the studio. God is doing his sound effects here at Trunews. He just put his foot down on heaven’s floor.”