Defeated Neo-Nazi Candidate Patrick Little Has Gotten Even Worse Since He Lost

Defeated neo-Nazi candidate Patrick Little, who once sought to unseat Sen. Diane Feinstein in California, tells a street performer dressed as Stormtrooper character from the Star Wars movies about his anti-Semitic beliefs in a video uploaded to Little's YouTube channel on July 5, 2018. (Screenshot /

Patrick Little is a neo-Nazi who ran as a Republican and lost his bid in California’s top-two primary for a chance to challenge Sen. Diane Feinstein for her seat in Congress. Since his loss, Little has veered even further into the darkest corners of extremist politics, reaching a point where he is considering flying a swastika flag.

As Right Wing Watch has documented, Little ran on a platform built on anti-Semitism and white supremacy. He repeatedly demanded President Trump, who he claims sent anti-Semitic “dog whistles” during his campaign for president, to “name the Jew” and promised voters he would work to make the government “free from Jews.” While he was campaigning, a neo-Nazi extremist funded robocalls on Little’s behalf.

Since he was absolutely decimated in his bid to challenge Feinstein, Little has veered further and further into the murky extremes of the alt-right and has convinced himself that Jews committed mass voter fraud against his campaign. Recently, Little identified as a national socialist—which most people call “Nazi”—and said he might fly a swastika. He has also urged “clean-cut” candidates to run as national socialists in U.S. elections.

(Screenshots /

In another bizarre outburst, Little asked parents of children who were “being taught holohoax lies” to contact him via email so that he could “intervene.”

Little also claimed that he had been inspired to quit smoking after watching the 1935 Nazi propaganda film “Triumph of the Will.” Earlier, he had also shared a video alleging that Jewish people were not placed into gas chambers to be executed by Nazi soldiers and that reporting so was promoting a hoax.

Last night, Little made “a campaign vow for 2020” that he would “see the destruction of at least one US [H]olocaust memorial in the next 12 months, or [that he] will take a sledge hammer to one” himself.

Little wrote that the alt-right needs power and that “power comes from will [and] sacrifice.”

There’s also a peculiar video uploaded to Little’s YouTube account in which a street performer dressed as a Stormtrooper character from the Star Wars films pretends to arrest him, to which Little says, “This is what happens when you name the Jew in America.” Little then rattles off one of his anti-Semitic talking points to the street performer, who says nothing.

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