Defeated Neo-Nazi Candidate Patrick Little Thinks He Actually Came In ‘First Or Second’

Patrick Little, the neo-Nazi candidate who sought to represent California in the U.S. Senate, received 54,507 votes, giving him a dismal 1.4 percent of the popular vote and ending his chances of challenging Sen. Diane Feinstein in 2018. But during a live stream video uploaded last night, Little claimed that he actually came in “first or second in the primary.”

Little said that he is going to file a lawsuit alleging widespread voter fraud committed against him by “the Jewish supremacists and the Zionists” who are out to destroy him and that he was excited about proceeding with that legal action.

“I said the best case scenario was that they steal it and that I challenge it. Things are looking great right now,” Little said. He later added, “We’ve got many, many, it looks like, different felonies being committed here and this is the ultimate way to destroy the [Zionist Occupation Government] because even if people don’t agree with me on all of my issues, what we can come together on as Americans is voter integrity.”

Throughout the video, a fire alarm can be heard beeping in the background, which Little claims—in addition to some technical issues he was having with his computer’s camera and microphone—was proof that “Jewish supremacists” are subjecting him to a “death by a thousand cuts.”

Little also announced that he is planning to run for president in 2020, telling viewers, “the goal is to get Trump to name the Jew, and I don’t think he’s going to.”