There’s Another Neo-Nazi Running For Congress. His Name Is Patrick Little.

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Patrick Little is a Republican running for U.S. Senate in California on a platform so extreme that he is urging supporters not to donate to his campaign “unless you are doxed,” since campaign contributions are public record.

Little is hoping to challenge Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein for her seat in Congress and even if he doesn’t win, he hopes to bait California Republicans into engaging with his anti-Semitic and white supremacist agenda. The primary election for his race is on June 5.

The chances that Little makes it through in California’s top-two primary may be slim, but he still joins the ranks of open extremists running as Republicans. Holocaust denier Arthur Jones recently won an uncontested Republican primary for a House seat in Illinois.

On his blog, Little urges supporters to “vote with their feet” by supporting him at the ballot box to let the government know that “we want to be around other whites, safe from non-whites.” Little also wrote that “whites who advocate for their people, or just question certain historical narratives, are often thrown into prison without due process.” He once signed a blog post with the tagline, “Your Counter-Semitic Candidate for US Senate in California.”

A quick spin through Little’s profile on Gab, an “alt-tech” platform swamped with right-wing extremists who have been banned from Twitter, reveals nonstop neo-Nazi rhetoric. Earlier this year, Little protested “the censorship of white men” on Twitter when the company suspended his account “for talking about Jews.” While protesting that night, he told a reporter that he was “trying to debate whether or not the Holocaust happened” when Twitter banned him. He’s since returned to Twitter using the handle “CensoredCandid8.”

Little has been endorsed by former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke and has been presented favorably on a handful of alt-right podcasts such as “The Red Elephants.” But recently, Little has feuded with alt-right media hosts at The Right Stuff (TRS) and Daily Stormer—arguably the alt-right’s most visible media outlets—claiming that they have ignored his and Wisconsin alt-right congressional candidate Paul Nehlen’s campaigns. The alt-right has been engaged in a feud over “optics” pitting activists who support violent public protests and those who wish to disseminate white supremacist propaganda into mainstream spaces online.

In a campaign video posted to YouTube earlier this week, Little said he “woke up to the Jewish question and dedicated my life to exposing these Jews that control our country” and proceeded to lambast neo-Nazi podcasts that aren’t advertising his campaign.

“Why am I not getting shout-outs from our big podcasts? Why am I not getting shout-outs from [neo-Nazi blogger Andrew] Anglin? Between TRS, IE and Daily Stormer, we could easily turn out 200,000 Californians to vote for me on June 5. What’s going on? Why aren’t you supporting candidates that are naming the Jew, are pro-white, put America first?” Little said.

“Why in the world would we give up the soapbox that I would have? Two hundred thousand votes, that isn’t even much, is all we need to narrow it down between me and the Zionist bitch,” he said, referring to Feinstein.

But at least one well-known extremist has been willing to promote Little: “crying Nazi” Chris Cantwell.

When Little called into Cantwell’s show in January, Cantwell said that he was happy to help him “beat cucks” but said that if Little thought he could win that he didn’t want to discuss the “Jewish problem” with him for fears it would jeopardize Little’s candidacy.

Earlier this week on Cantwell’s podcast “Radical Agenda,” Little accused popular alt-right fundraising platforms of being owned by Jews. He later claimed that alt-right figures like neo-Nazi hacker “Weev” and recently doxed alt-right propagandist “Ricky Vaughn” engineered alt-right infighting.

“They don’t want the Jew explicitly named. They won’t back candidates that do. They were looking for an excuse. This infighting with Nehlen was engineered by Weev and Ricky Vaughn. Weev wrote extensively about the need to divide the movement. This is Jewish subversion,” Little said.

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(Update): On an alt-right podcast, vitriolic anti-Semite Samaria Ruiz—who goes as “Samaria Salazar” online—said she is working as Little’s campaign manager. Neo-Nazi troll Tim “Baked Alaska” Gionet recently claimed that Ruiz “helps me out” in addition to his manager. Ruiz was once on the payroll at The Red Elephants.