A Closer Look At Who Funded The Robocall In California Supporting Patrick Little

(Screenshot / YouTube.com)

Disclaimer: This article contains intense language readers may find disturbing and offensive.

The robocall supporting white nationalist candidate Patrick Little in his bid for U.S. Senate from California that we wrote about last week was sponsored by a little-known neo-Nazi podcast called “The Road To Power.”

We decided to take a closer look at the podcast in order to understand a little bit more about the types of white nationalists who are supporting Little’s run. As we watched the May 6 episode of The Road to Power, the most recent episode posted online before the robocall was dispatched, what we found was a host representing a variety of white nationalists that do not feel compelled to conceal their vitriolic worldview in the slightest.

Unlike “optics”-obsessed alt-right media figures like Mike “Enoch” Peinovich, who hosts the alt-right podcast “The Daily Shoah,” and Andrew Anglin, who writes for the neo-Nazi site Daily Stormer, radically violent alt-right figures have come to view Little as one of their own. These activists seem to believe that Little’s transparent white nationalism and anti-Semitism is a useful means for promoting their racist ends.

The host of the program that sponsored a robocall supporting Patrick Little for U.S. Senate proudly espouses vitriolic anti-Semitic and racist rhetoric, threatens a journalist, and displays Nazi imagery during the May 6 edition of “The Road to Power.” The host digitally inserted an altered image of far-right activist Brittany Pettibone behind him. (Screenshot: PewTube.com)

The intro video for the podcast includes a collection of video clips featuring Nazi imagery. A swastika is shown on a triceratops, a “Jude” gold star is placed on a pile of ashes, and various clips of white people being assaulted by black people are juxtaposed with animations of Hassidic Jewish people laughing.

Once the unnamed host enters the frame, he immediately begins complaining about podcasting services that have removed his content from their platforms, and he threatens a journalist he blamed for at least one of his platform bans. The host warns that he has the private information of that journalist.

He said, “I know who you are. When you complained, Jew, did you think you were going to remain anonymous? I bet you did, but you’re not. Did you think it would stop or in any significant way hamper distribution of this video podcast? Because it won’t. If anything, you’ve motivated us to multiply our efforts in that regard. So you messed up, kike.”

The podcast then featured what the host said was a recurring segment called “Jews who don’t get to leave.” The title card features an image of the train tracks into the Auschwitz, which was the Nazis’ largest concentration camp. During the segment, the host said that “when we come to power over the United States, and we will, every last goddamn filthy kike is going to be expelled by whatever means necessary. However, there are some Jews whose behavior has been so outrageous and so damaging they do not get to leave.”

But the host’s hatred is not limited to Jewish people; he also talked about his desire to drive African Americans from the United States.

A segment of the podcast begins by playing footage of black slaves being brutally whipped set to the song “Whip It” by Devo. Throughout the segment that follows, the host calls black people the n-word, “sheboons,” “negroids,” “nig-noggs,” “apes,” and “animals” and claims that black people are “incompatible with civilization.”

“The lesson is this: the negros have a privilege that you as a white person—the group that keeps this country functioning such as it still does, to the degree that it still does, the descendants of the people who built this country—they have more privilege than you do,” the host said. “It’s not about equality. The negro should not have equality because they’re not equal. They’re not equally capable, but the Jews, in order to bring whites low, started with the argument [that] negroes needed equal treatment.”

Shortly after this claim, the host unleashed a vitriolic rant in which he says black people are “so obviously stupid, foul and disgusting,” asking “How do we still tolerate them among us?” He asserts that black people “are not humans, they are not fully human” and that white people who have sex with black people deserve the death penalty.

The host said of Jewish people and black people, “we’re going to deal with both of them.”

“The negroes are going to get it better. We’re just going to force them on planes and boats and they’re going to go to Africa to a country that we’ve made arrangements with to take them. The Jews are going to have to pay. They’re going to get deported to Israel, but they’re going to pay for their crimes,” he said.