David Barton Is Organizing A WallBuilders ‘Teachers Conference’

A few years ago, while speaking at Ohio Christian University, Religious Right pseudo-historian David Barton advised an aspiring teacher in the audience on ways to sneak Christian indoctrination into the classroom. English teachers, Barton said, could have students read the works of Shakespeare and then note the supposedly thousands of Bible verses that are referenced in those works, while history teachers could teach students about Founding Fathers like Thomas McKean who used to deliver altar calls in the courtroom when he served as a judge.

Barton said that teachers can “read an altar call” in the classroom under the guise of simply teaching “what was done in 1779 in Thomas McKean’s courtroom. It’s an altar call, but all you’re doing is reading history.”

One has to wonder if this is the type of information that Barton will be passing along to educators who sign up for an upcoming teachers conference that he and his son Tim will be leading next month at his WallBuilders facility in Texas.

Promising to cover everything from America’s “Christian Heritage” to “Apologetics for Modern Attacks on America and American History,” Barton and his son intend to inform teachers “what it is you as a person of faith can legally do in a school, what can you legally do in a classroom, what can your kids do,”  all while showing them just how “God is involved in history.”

This effort syncs nicely with Barton’s plan to join with his good friend and fellow pseudo-historian Glenn Beck to create a history museum that they can use to personally indoctrinate students and visitors all over the country, as well as his other efforts to train conservative Christians to take control of the government.