David Barton Once Again Insists ‘I’ve Got A Ph.D.’

Just the other day we noted that, in an effort to boost his credibility, Religious Right activist and right-wing pseudo-historian David Barton had begun claiming that he had earned a Ph.D., despite the fact that he has repeatedly admitted that he never earned a doctorate.

When we pointed this fact out recently, Barton responded by posting a video in which he mocked his critics for wrongly reporting that he did not have a Ph.D. and insisting that he has an “earned doctorate.” When critics pointed out that the degrees which Barton cited as proof of his claim were nothing of the sort, he responded by removing his video and then refusing to comment on the issue.

Apparently, that debacle has not dissuaded Barton from continuing to claim that he has a Ph.D., as he did it again on his “Wallbuilders Live” radio program today.

Everyone knows that God created only two genders, Barton insisted, except seemingly those with advanced degrees.

“Isn’t it interesting that for farmers and those of us who live in the country,” he said, “we don’t have trouble recognizing that in nature, there’s two genders, but it’s like the more letters you get after your name, the harder it is for you to recognize two genders … You know, I’ve got a Ph.D., but we joke, ‘How many Ph.D.s does it take to make you stupid?'”