Dave Daubenmire: Hillary Clinton Smells Like Rotten Meat Because She Is Demon-Possessed

Religious Right activist “Coach” Dave Daubenmire posted an interview on his YouTube channel yesterday with Larry Nichols, a longtime anti-Clinton conspiracy theorist who claims to have once worked as a hit man for Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Given Nichols’ pedigree, it was not much of a surprise that the conversation eventually devolved into assertions that Hillary Clinton smells like rotten meat because she is demon-possessed.

Nichols claimed that when he first met Hillary years ago back in Arkansas, she “was filthy dirty” and “had greasy hair” and “hairy legs and hair under her arms” and was wearing a necklace identifying her as “a proud member of the Communist Party.”

“She smelled and I just thought she smelled because of hygiene,” Nichols said, claiming that even after they got her cleaned up, she continued to smell terrible no matter what they did. “It’s a smell, it’s kind of like rotten meat, it’s just an awful odor.”

Nichols wasn’t sure what the source of this odor was, but Daubenmire said that he knows precisely what is causing this smell to this day.

“In my opinion, I believe that she is demon-possessed,” he said. “Scripture talks about demons have an odor, give off an odor. This will make Right Wing Watch, Larry, they like to laugh at us, but I believe it to be true.”