Trump Pastor: Hillary Clinton Supports ‘Black Genocide’

Mark Burns has been traveling with Donald Trump’s campaign to tout the billionaire mogul’s candidacy and, most recently, criticize Bernie Sanders for his Jewish faith.

Last week, Burns stopped by InfoWars where he lashed out at black voters who support Democrats like President Obama and Hillary Clinton, resurrecting the discredited myth that abortion rights are part of a plot to achieve “the extermination of or genocide of many in the African American community.”

Burns also claimed that Planned Parenthood was “designed to destroy the African American community.” (Trump has repeatedly praised the organization, while at the same time threatening to defund them if they perform abortions.)

“It vexes me greatly how they will stand behind anyone that is okay with the murders of babies,” he said. “That’s really one of my major platforms behind Donald Trump. He loves babies. Donald Trump is a pro-baby candidate and it saddens me how we as African Americans are rallying behind a party that is okay with the genocide of black people through abortion.”