Dave Daubenmire Warns That He’ll Be Murdered If Hillary Clinton Becomes President

It seems that Religious Right activist “Coach” Dave Daubenmire is not supporting Donald Trump simply because it is unbiblical for a woman to serve as president, but also for reasons of personal safety, as he’s sure that he’ll be murdered if Hillary Clinton is elected to the White House.

During yesterday’s “Pass The Salt” broadcast, Daubenmire furiously railed against “self-righteous” Christians who refuse to support Trump on the grounds that he is immoral and ungodly, warning that if Clinton is elected, conservative Christians like himself will be killed.

“If Hillary Clinton gets elected, abortion will be the least of our worries,” he said. “They’re gonna be aborting me. They’re going to be aborting you … When they murder me, there are going to be a lot of people who are feeling good they didn’t vote for Trump.”

Later in the broadcast, Daubenmire unloaded, screaming at Christians to get off their “pietistic, religious, pharisaical high horse” and vote for Trump because this election is all about “rescuing Western civilization.”

Christians who think they are more moral than him because they refuse to back Trump can “put it where the sun don’t shine,” he screamed. “Open you daggone eyes! Get your nose out of the Bible!”