Cloud of Prayers Rejected by Obama Rained Down on Trump, Insists Lance Wallnau

Right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau posted a video on his Facebook page last night doubling down on his assertion that President Trump has been amazingly successful during his term in office because the prayers that President Obama rejected had been “stored up” and bestowed on Trump.

Wallnau, unhappy that he is being mocked for asserting that “there is such a power in this president” because the “accumulated prayers of the saints” have been poured out on him, attempted to clarify his theory by explaining it further.

“What happens if people are praying for a president,” he asked, “and leadership shows up that is resistant to God’s spirit and resistant to God’s agenda? What happens to the cloud? Well, I would suggest to you that the prayers aren’t all lost, that they hover and they hover and they wait until the right time. And then when the right alignment takes place, kaboom!”

“The cumulus cloud of the latter rain, I believe, many times is the outpouring of God’s spirit in response to the perfect conditions to answer the cry of previous generations of intercession,” Wallnau added. “Those that pray and never see the longed-for manifestation, their prayers are not wasted.”

“The peculiar grace with which Donald Trump—in spite of protests, in spite of riots, in spite of opposition, in spite of the conspiring elements of legislators and media, and saboteurs, and betrayal on the left and on the right—in spite of that, he was able to neutralize the threat of North Korea, undo the power of ISIS, reverse the American decline economically, and move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem,” he said. “He did all that, I believe, because the prayers of God’s people that were stored up for years earlier, that were not answered in the manifestation of the decision making that President Obama did [have rained down on Trump] … Some of the blessing that has been on the sustainability of Trump in spite of the voracious and vicious opposition is because the previous prayers of saints that were unanswered were answered in his first 100 days.”